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CrownHill Doodles was amazing to work with!Our sweet Remi was up to date on all his shots and freshly bathed when we came to pick him up. The owners showed us around their beautiful farm so we were able to see that our puppy was well taken care of.   We got to meet Remi's parents, who are gorgeous dogs and very well behaved. Mark and Sherry gave us some training tips and tricks as well! They are very knowledgeable when  it comes to this breed and you can tell they really do care and love every single animal they have on their farm.  I would highly recommend working with Crown Hill won't be dissappointed! 

​                                                                        Ashley and Remmington "Remi"
Our family was passively looking for a dog....wondering if it was the right time and what breed would be best for our family of four, including our 10 and 9 year old children. Through a friend, I met a litter mate and brother, Smokey, at 12 weeks of age. I was instatly impressed by his gentle personality and docile nature. We quickly proceeded to get Sherry's last pup of the litter and it was one of our BEST family decisions. My husband drove from CT to OH to pick up our furry chunk of love. We have fallen in love with the sheepadoodle breed- GREAT family dog!
Parents, Skye and Zeke are wonderful dogs and furry parents. Sherry clearly nurtures her puppies in an amazing way....our Muggins loves everyone and everything. He just wants to be with us and an active part of our family. He is eager to please and is very smart. At 16 weerks of age now, dog trainers are impressed with his manners, ease of training, and quickness to learn. We have socialized him with with many other dogs and children without any problems or concerns. He has not a negative or aggressive thought or action in his being. Being born and raised on a farm, he is comfortable and not ruffled by other animals. I was able to take him to riding lessons with my daughter  and he sat ringside by me and was not phased by the horses.

As for Sherry, she was a pleasure to work with and a source of much guidance and support. She made herself available and spent a lot of time answering my questions. She wants the best adoption situation and a smooth transition from her home to the new family. She remains in contact, genuinely wanting to know how her pups are doing and I feel I could contact her anytime with questions.

I cannot say enough good things about our "Muggins" and his addition to our family.
I highly reccomend (and have been to our friends and family) getting a puppy from Crownhill Doodles!

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